The beauty of distorted memories | Yellow fields Part 3 of 3

I had so much fun putting these photos together. Which is quiet funny given this third ‘yellow field story’ was in a way born from frustration (to make sense of this shoot, read the first and second story). When creative collaborations collide … So how did this third yellow fields story come about? Let me give you some information on my working relationship with Darren. At the end of each photo shoot Darren gives me a hard drive... Read More

What Erin brings to Chi’s life | Yellow Fields Part 2 of 3

So it’s time to tell the second yellow fields story. If you missed the first one you can see it here. Why tell a second story? I usually don’t do this. Usually I or my couple have a certain emotion or feeling they want to capture and the story I tell on my blog stays true to that vision and that essence. For example for Sean & Emma’s sad engagement shoot we actually have lots of very happy smiley images but it’s unlikely... Read More

The solid sensitive side to love | Yellow fields Part 1 of 3

This shoot is part of the Spontaneous Spring Challenge. To see other shoots that were shot on the same day, check out the barn shoot and Pennypot Woods. This Yellow Fields shoot will be split into 3 photographic stories and across 3 posts: (a) Somber story (b) Happy story (c) ‘In memory of yellow fields’ story. Be sure to check out all 3 and make a comment and let me know which one you like the most : ) I thought it would be easy … I... Read More

Sneak Peek … Walking in fields of gold

This post is just a sneak peak … to see the full photographic love story, click here >> I never thought I’d say this, but I’m quite glad my travels are over for now. The last 18 days have been a whirlwind experience that I’ll share more about over the coming weeks in my ‘random thoughts’ posts. And although I’ve had a brilliant time, I’m glad to get back to a routine so I can start blogging properly... Read More

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