Sneak Peek: 1950s Retro Engagement Shoot inside a Diner

This post is just a sneak peak … to see the full photographic love story, click here >> This sneak peak is part two of Kane & Star’s 1950s retro bowling shoot. This is not how it’s suppose to be (ie. the girl waiting) but somehow I like it given how excited she was to ‘meet’ him in the first shoot. More to come on Thursday and there is lots of Kane and Star loving to come!! ps. I’ll have another interview... Read More

Andy & Justine … Love through time and space

***Please read below to make sense of this photo shoot*** I have to confess, this is the hardest shoot I’ve ever had to edit. Most people when they take a photo, they have two looks: one smiling with teeth, one smiling without teeth. Justine on the other hand seems to look different in almost every shot. In some photos she looks younger, some older, some innocent, some seductive. In this story or in this series of images, to me she’s... Read More

Kane and Star … vintage sweethearts who love old cameras and bikes

I’ve been giddy all week thinking about this photo shoot. Each of the photos make me smile, warm and all fuzzy inside 🙂 For me as an art director there are so many things that make a photo shoot great. Having a great team, a great couple and having mother nature love us enough to let her rays shine. This was one of those mornings. Sometimes I think it’s harder to ‘dress a shoot’ with a few simple props that make a big... Read More

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