Video | Scott tells Amanda he wants to be more Man

Scott tells Amanda he wants to be More Man from Justine Priestley on Vimeo. You may have already seen this video on my facebook wall. I love this scene and the dynamic between Amanda and Scott. Clearly they are in a relationship that is very one sided. And as awkward as they are, I still want to see more of them. As controlling as she is, you know he’s a little lost without her. The script was inspired by a ‘real life’ conversation... Read More

Video | The inpsiration behind Sean & Emma’s sad shoot

Just quick ‘inspiration of’ interview for anyone who is curious about the creative process. To see the full photo shoot go to >> The inspiration behind Sean & Emma’s sad engagement shoot (day) from thaoski on Vimeo. Here’s one of the shots that the couple liked the most:  Read More