a rollar coaster ride of a night

Today I felt like life played a joke on me. After 8 weeks of relentlessly searching for a new place to move into, today I arrived at my new home with all my boxes in tow only to find out the guys occupying my room hadn’t finished moving out. Their shit was everywhere. And there was no way they would be able to move out tonight. I was pissed. And I thought fark, I don’t know how much more I can take. I hate being in limbo. I hate not... Read More

new years eve. lots of simmering thoughts

It’s 1am on the 31st December 2010 and technically new years eve. I’m having trouble writing this last blog. I have too many thoughts going through my head, most simmering and not yet ready to be served. So I’m going to ramble. And see if anything worthwhile comes up. This time last year … 2010 was a year I was very much afraid of. 2009 was such a shit shit shit shit year for me. It challenged me in soo many ways and my... Read More