The beauty of distorted memories | Yellow fields Part 3 of 3

I had so much fun putting these photos together. Which is quiet funny given this third ‘yellow field story’ was in a way born from frustration (to make sense of this shoot, read the first and second story). When creative collaborations collide … So how did this third yellow fields story come about? Let me give you some information on my working relationship with Darren. At the end of each photo shoot Darren gives me a hard drive... Read More

More About thaoski … why I’m time deprived

It occurred to me today that my blog posts are generally about two things: (i) they’re about love and love stories (ii) they’re about how stressed, crazy and manic my life seems to be. My blog is a comfortable place for me to express and off load whatever is going on in my world. And the more honest I’ve been about how lost I can get, the closer to home this blog feels. But it occurred to me to today when I was speaking to the... Read More

Video | The inpsiration behind Sean & Emma’s sad shoot

Just quick ‘inspiration of’ interview for anyone who is curious about the creative process. To see the full photo shoot go to >> The inspiration behind Sean & Emma’s sad engagement shoot (day) from thaoski on Vimeo. Here’s one of the shots that the couple liked the most:  Read More

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