a woman is most beautiful when she is vulnerable

This blog starts with two disclaimers. (a) This is a double blog post (so it’s quite long). Part 1 is what I learnt from this shoot. Part 2 is a love story. (b) The images are in ‘reverse’ order. Usually when I post a photographic love story, the images at the beginning of the story go first. In this story … it’s in reverse. The images at the ‘end’ of the story are posted first. It’ll make more sense... Read More

Sneak Peek … another somber engagement shoot

I promise I don’t ask my clients to look like they’re dying (hehe)… and I don’t ask them to show this uber sensitive, vulnerable and dramatic side to love. They just do. And of course when they do … I encourage it : ) This is another side to Mina and Thai you have not yet seen. So different to the last shoot but equally beautiful. I wonder which one they will like more? Especially over time … Maybe in 5 –... Read More

The solid sensitive side to love | Yellow fields Part 1 of 3

This shoot is part of the Spontaneous Spring Challenge. To see other shoots that were shot on the same day, check out the barn shoot and Pennypot Woods. This Yellow Fields shoot will be split into 3 photographic stories and across 3 posts: (a) Somber story (b) Happy story (c) ‘In memory of yellow fields’ story. Be sure to check out all 3 and make a comment and let me know which one you like the most : ) I thought it would be easy … I... Read More