An unexpected testimonial

This is why I do what I do. And why I love it so much. Here is a text I received this morning when I woke: “It truly was a magical day. We have been completely buzzing since! I feel I’ve been on a huge personal journey, where you gave me permission to let go of my personal hangups and embrace the moment. I was a different person by the end of the shoot! Thank you so much, I can’t put it into words how grateful and overwhelmed we... Read More

FOREVER FEATHER LOVE – Workshop Reflections

It must have seemed strange for some people. I attended the Feather Love Photography Artist Workshop and I’m not a photographer. The workshop was targeted towards wedding photographers and I wasn’t sure whether or not to go. Was it the right workshop for me? Would I get anything out of it? Truth is, as soon as I saw Noa’s video below I knew had to meet and connect with her. But it wasn’t until I reached rock bottom one night... Read More

An Ideal husband … Oscar Wilde’s Quotes

I went to the theatre tonight. The first time I visited London, I was here for 10 days and went to the theatre 5 times. Now I’ve lived her for over 4.5 years and I’ve been to the theatre 5 times. Actually 6 including tonight and it’s been a good 2-3 years since I last went. I’m not sure when and why I stopped. Life is strange like that. One minute you love doing something and the next you can’t remember why you stopped. Tonight... Read More