Mike & Alma … 3 Versions of the “truth”

I must warn you that I know Mike and Alma very well. I love them both. They make me laugh, they make me giggle and it is because I know them so well, I can take them to where I’m about to go … About Mike & Alma The thing I love most about Mike & Alma is they are absolutely 100% genuine. They are good people with old fashioned values and they genuinely care about others. They both have such a positive outlook on life and inspire... Read More

a day you wish could last forever …

It’s like going on your first date and wanting the day to last forever … That’s kind of what this shoot felt like. Or it’s the essence that radiated from Mina and Thai. You know what it’s like when you’re young and in love … you have all the time in the world to just ‘be’ with each other and have fun. No cares in the world. Nothing to think about. No deadlines. Nothing. It’s like so long... Read More