More About thaoski … why I’m time deprived

It occurred to me today that my blog posts are generally about two things: (i) they’re about love and love stories (ii) they’re about how stressed, crazy and manic my life seems to be. My blog is a comfortable place for me to express and off load whatever is going on in my world. And the more honest I’ve been about how lost I can get, the closer to home this blog feels. But it occurred to me to today when I was speaking to the... Read More

taking a leap of faith to micro-niche

I had a HUGE revelation this weekend. I was running Dan’s Social Media weekend as part of our ‘Key Person of Influence’ program and by just being in the room I am subconsciously forced (actually I should say luckily forced) to take on some of his tips and hints about Social Media. Dan spent the first morning talking about the importance of being crystal clear on our message and he encouraged us to be authentic 3 dimensional human... Read More