1920s Engagement shoot ideas: The Artist

I’m going to jump on “The Artist” band wagon. I watched it on the weekend and absolutely love every minute of it. Not only is it beautiful, romantic, charming, artistic … the angles of the film were so simple … what you see is what you get. If you’re looking for engagement shoot inspiration and you love the 1920s, consider doing something inspired by The Artist. Look at the hair, costume, consider black and white... Read More

Jose & Paulina | Movie inspired engagement shoot | Pearl Harbour

PUBLISHED: This photographic love story, was featured on ‘Love My Dress’ wedding blog. I love the movie Pearl Harbour. There are so many memorable scenes in the movie but the ones I love most are the scenes at the train station. I’m not sure if you remember but there are actually 2 train scenes. Both visually beautiful. The first one is them meeting up again after being apart. And the second one is them almost saying good bye to... Read More

Sean & Emma | Movie inspired enagagement shoot | In the mood for Love

I received a very odd request from Sean & Emma for their engagement shoot. They told me they didn’t want to smile and they wanted to look moody. They watched the movie “In the Mood for Love” directed by Wong Kar Wai and they loved the sad, dramatic moody tension between the couple and they wanted to capture this on camera. The movie itself is based on not having a having a love affair. It’s by far one of the most beautiful... Read More