Showcasing Madame Moi Tea Party … and Giveaway!

Sneak Peak of this week … If you have read my first blog you will know that I started this journey as a way for me to explore my creativity. I’ve tried to stay true to this purpose as much as possible and it’s funny cos when you throw some attention to a certain area of your life (eg. work, health, romance) etc- … that area of your life starts to grow and you start to attract opportunities that are both challenging and inspiring.... Read More

1950s Retro Engagement Shoot: When flirtation is sensual

When I first met Star I fell in love with her dress. She was wearing the exact same dress she was wearing in this shoot. It was so glamorous and elegant on her. The neckline totally blew me away. My love for the 1950s I think her dress is what made me fall in love with the 1950s. I love the beauty and sensuality of that era. For both men and women beauty was glamorous, elegant and understated. Dresses and skirts were big and past the knee (definitely... Read More

Kane and Star … vintage sweethearts who love old cameras and bikes

I’ve been giddy all week thinking about this photo shoot. Each of the photos make me smile, warm and all fuzzy inside 🙂 For me as an art director there are so many things that make a photo shoot great. Having a great team, a great couple and having mother nature love us enough to let her rays shine. This was one of those mornings. Sometimes I think it’s harder to ‘dress a shoot’ with a few simple props that make a big... Read More