immersed in love. deep as the ocean, vast as the sea.

I have the honor and not to mention the excitement of posting these pictures up. Not only are they two of my favourite people but these pictures also represent so many things I love: friendship, beauty, nature, freedom, new beginnings and doing something unexpected and out of the ordinary. Within less than 24 hours of getting married Van was ready to trash her designer wedding dress. She was up for anything and Dex and Dom made sure they were there... Read More

The birth and death of friendships

A boy made me cry last week. I was a little shocked because a) I didn’t know he had that affect on me and b) I can’t remember the last time I cried over a guy. It was weird. The last conversation we had he said “I won’t let you down”. And then he stood me up. It was the first time I’ve ever been stood up and also the first time a guy has promised he won’t let me down over a coffee (note to self: be weary... Read More