Andy & Justine … Love through time and space

***Please read below to make sense of this photo shoot*** I have to confess, this is the hardest shoot I’ve ever had to edit. Most people when they take a photo, they have two looks: one smiling with teeth, one smiling without teeth. Justine on the other hand seems to look different in almost every shot. In some photos she looks younger, some older, some innocent, some seductive. In this story or in this series of images, to me she’s... Read More

boys and their Xbox!!!

Think just about every girl has dated a guy who is addicted to the Xbox or PS3. I remember going through highschool thinking it would be smart move to not get between my boyfriend and his car. At some point, cars got boring and games got better and guys became younger. I’m really not sure how that works! I definitely feel for all the girlfriends / wives out there who are constantly and patiently waiting for their boy to get off the Xbox …... Read More

Justine, a shot that invites you in but leaves you wanting more

It was Justine’s birthday last Thursday and I decided to get her a little surprise. I’ve known for a while now that acting is her first love and while she is on this journey of expanding her acting career, I wanted to contribute something to her dream. I knew she needed new head shots. The bad thing is I forgot she said this to me until the day before her birthday. So with less than 24 hours of prep time and after calling in a couple... Read More