Commission your own wedding song …

I recently saw Christelle’s wedding video (from The Chriselle Factor) on Green Wedding Shoes and I really fell in love with the song they used to edit the wedding video. You should watch it and listen to the song words … When I say I fell in love, I mean … I literally listened to the song for about a full hour on repeat. I find the lyrics so so so beautiful. So, being me … I naturally started to google the lyrics, the song,... Read More

for the love of lavender

I’ve been meaning to write this post for months. Literally. And I told myself I’m not allowed to sleep until this is up tonight. It’s now 00:41. Bugger. Oh well, I just know if I don’t post this up this week, there’s no point. Lavender is now in full bloom. The season is well on the way! It was scheduled to bloom between early-mid June and then the poor lavender buds got frost bite (who knew?!) … and it was delayed... Read More

Engagment Shoot Ideas: Use CHANEL Perfume Ads for Inspiration

Oooo I’ve been SO excited about sharing this engagement shoot idea cos it has been in my head for a while. As you know I love stories and I love film. And of course I love romantic films. What you don’t know is I also LOVE perfume ads (I’m actually a lover of good ads in general). But Perfume ads are gorgeous. They’re romantic, fun, sweet, beautiful and the good ones tell a love story. And no one does that better than CHANEL. Big... Read More