8 things to do to prepare for Chinese (Lunar) New Year

UPDATE: In 2014, Chines New Year is on the 1st February. It’s the year of the wild horse : ) First of all I have 2 disclaimers when it comes to this blog post. 1. I’m actually not Chinese and … 2. I’ve been accused of ‘being asian’ whenever I want to be – which basically means, I say I’m asian whenever it’s convenient for me LOL. Truth is I only spent 8 months growing up in Vietnam so … yea.... Read More

E-shoot tips: Why couples argue 48hrs prior to shooting

Ok so I’ve been ‘umming and err-ing” about this post. Not sure if it’s the smartest thing to do and I may seriously regret it later! But knowing that it’s uncomfortable for me to share it … pretty much means … I should. OK … so. Really not sure how to say this. – without shooting myself in the foot. Laying it all out in the open So here goes … about 80% of my couples have a mini domestic... Read More