Garry & Van | Sweet engagement shoot in a yellow field of flowers

I’m leaving Sydney today and feeling a little sentimental. I like to think I’ve reached a stage in my life where I embrace change easily and that I don’t hold onto things the way I use to. But my 2 nephews are too damn cute and I’ve spent so much time with them over the last two weeks, I feel really sad saying goodbye. So as strange as it sounds, they have inspired me to post these photos up. This photo shoot is the first... Read More

Steve & Viv | Engagement shoot in sweet lavender fields

When I look at this photo shoot there is is only one thing that comes to mind: Timing. The lavender season only lasts 2-3 months a year and I pretty much waited the whole summer for it to start blooming. I actually had another couple scheduled to shoot in the lavender field in early June but the summer was late and despite our constant rescheduling (I was literally checking every week to see if the buds had opened) it just didn’t work out and... Read More

sean & emma, a sad heartbreaking engagement shoot

PUBLISHED: This photographic love story, was featured on ‘OMG I’m Getting Married’ wedding blog. I’m actually quite nervous about putting up these photos up. Not because I’m unsure about them but because I love them so much (rejection is so much worse when you love something LOL). Before I go into the story behind the shoot, I just want to say it took me 7 long glorious hours to edit this photo shoot. I say glorious... Read More