1920s Engagement shoot ideas: The Artist

I’m going to jump on “The Artist” band wagon. I watched it on the weekend and absolutely love every minute of it. Not only is it beautiful, romantic, charming, artistic … the angles of the film were so simple … what you see is what you get. If you’re looking for engagement shoot inspiration and you love the 1920s, consider doing something inspired by The Artist. Look at the hair, costume, consider black and white... Read More

Video | The inpsiration behind Sean & Emma’s sad shoot

Just quick ‘inspiration of’ interview for anyone who is curious about the creative process. To see the full photo shoot go to >> http://bit.ly/flIx9t The inspiration behind Sean & Emma’s sad engagement shoot (day) from thaoski on Vimeo. Here’s one of the shots that the couple liked the most:  Read More

Photography vs. Art Direction … and Large props should be about you

I struggled with this post today. My idea for this week’s Friday Fusions (engagement shoot ideas) was to list some large prop ideas. With the sun coming out, the weather getting warmer, and daylight saving coming up … I’m getting more engagement shoot requests and large props appears to be the way to go. So I started compiling a list of engagement pictures and shoots that had large props. For example: engagement shoots that had... Read More

Friday Fusions: Engagement shoot ideas … Dancing at Sunset

So this week has been terrible. I’ve been sick (and sleeping) for most of it and haven’t really kept up with my blogs. Going to write a quick and short blog tonight. A little engagement shoot idea that’s been formulating in my head. Not an original idea but one I think is hard to execute because of the nature of it. My Love for Dance I’d love to shoot a scene of a couple dancing. I know that sounds simple and it’s... Read More

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