tom & shelley – young. deep. romantic. love.

This shoot was done 12 months and 24 days ago. The date was 29.08.11. Tom & Shelley were not yet engaged (even though their hearts definitely were). We shot at three locations in one day and you can see the other two shoots by clicking here and here. At the time Shelley was still living in Australia and Tom was living in London. By February 2012 she moved to London. By March they were engaged. And today, they’re getting married. Their... Read More

Michael & Natalie … Redefining Love

Love is definitely not linear. It moves in and out of our lives and some how manages to find us when we least expect it. And when it comes, if the time is right … it’s effortless and easy. So … that’s what I’ve been told : ) … and that’s what I’ve observed with Michael and Natalie : ) they make love look so easy … like it’s “common-sense” : ) But apparently it wasn’t... Read More

Sneak Peek … Engagement shoot in Romantic Bath

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come on the blog later this week. It’s gorgeous Natalie in beautiful romantic Bath. She is so beautiful don’t you think? And can you believe this was her first time wearing red lipstick??!! It was one of the things she requested for the shoot – red lips : ) And Katy did an amazing job with the make up! You’ll get to see the man who won her over on Thursday when I share Natalie... Read More

Another thaoski experiment

I come up with lots of bad ideas. Some cliche, some boring, some logistically impossible. And then every now and then I come across an idea that is bad because I don’t know if I can pull it off. And these bad ideas then become “what if?” moments. To give you some background … Two weekends ago we were having an “Indian Summer”. The weather was predicted at 28 degrees in October (that’s like a miracle in England!).... Read More

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