Sneak Peek … Sweethearts Tom & Shelley

I have something very simple and sweet coming up on the blog this week. No props. Nothing crazy. Just sweet young love : ) All we did for this shoot was put a pretty flower wreath on Shelley’s hair. She loves wearing bows and hair pieces and we thought a ring of flowers would make her feel extra special – like a princess : ) Not every girl can pull off such a pretty look so you can imagine how excited I was to work on this shoot. More... Read More

Mike & Alma … 3 Versions of the “truth”

I must warn you that I know Mike and Alma very well. I love them both. They make me laugh, they make me giggle and it is because I know them so well, I can take them to where I’m about to go … About Mike & Alma The thing I love most about Mike & Alma is they are absolutely 100% genuine. They are good people with old fashioned values and they genuinely care about others. They both have such a positive outlook on life and inspire... Read More

Announcing the Winners …

A HUGE Congratulations to Judith and Steve who won the free thaoski Engagement Shoot Competition. I thought I’d take this opportunity to share their full engagement story on how Steve proposed. Judith sent through a very long email and I’m sure all those who voted for them will want to read all of it! Their engagement shoot will take place in October as Steve is currently away. 1. How did he propose? I was actually completely taken... Read More

a woman is most beautiful when she is vulnerable

This blog starts with two disclaimers. (a) This is a double blog post (so it’s quite long). Part 1 is what I learnt from this shoot. Part 2 is a love story. (b) The images are in ‘reverse’ order. Usually when I post a photographic love story, the images at the beginning of the story go first. In this story … it’s in reverse. The images at the ‘end’ of the story are posted first. It’ll make more sense... Read More

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