Quality of Collaboration determines Quantity of Opportunities

So um … I’ve been reflecting on this a lot over the last 2 weeks. I’ve just been reflecting on how lucky I am to be working with so many great people and I’m really thankful for the opportunities that have been coming my way. To this day I don’t actually think of myself as a creative person (I don’t think I ever will) but one thing I do think I’m good at is collaborating. I’ve been really fortunate... Read More

Friday Fusions: Engagement shoot ideas … Dancing at Sunset

So this week has been terrible. I’ve been sick (and sleeping) for most of it and haven’t really kept up with my blogs. Going to write a quick and short blog tonight. A little engagement shoot idea that’s been formulating in my head. Not an original idea but one I think is hard to execute because of the nature of it. My Love for Dance I’d love to shoot a scene of a couple dancing. I know that sounds simple and it’s... Read More

Kane and Star … vintage sweethearts who love old cameras and bikes

I’ve been giddy all week thinking about this photo shoot. Each of the photos make me smile, warm and all fuzzy inside 🙂 For me as an art director there are so many things that make a photo shoot great. Having a great team, a great couple and having mother nature love us enough to let her rays shine. This was one of those mornings. Sometimes I think it’s harder to ‘dress a shoot’ with a few simple props that make a big... Read More

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