What Erin brings to Chi’s life | Yellow Fields Part 2 of 3

So it’s time to tell the second yellow fields story. If you missed the first one you can see it here. Why tell a second story? I usually don’t do this. Usually I or my couple have a certain emotion or feeling they want to capture and the story I tell on my blog stays true to that vision and that essence. For example for Sean & Emma’s sad engagement shoot we actually have lots of very happy smiley images but it’s unlikely... Read More

taking a leap of faith to micro-niche

I had a HUGE revelation this weekend. I was running Dan’s Social Media weekend as part of our ‘Key Person of Influence’ program and by just being in the room I am subconsciously forced (actually I should say luckily forced) to take on some of his tips and hints about Social Media. Dan spent the first morning talking about the importance of being crystal clear on our message and he encouraged us to be authentic 3 dimensional human... Read More

i’m doing this because I want to be creative

Sounds lame I know. But it’s true. And I’m not talking about blogging either. Ok maybe I’m not doing it to ‘be’ creative but rather I’m doing it to explore my creativity. I have often looked at other women, usually close girlfriends and thought ‘wow they are so amazingly talented and creative … I wish I could be like them’. Hannah cooks the most amazing food, Kristin is an awesome interior designer,... Read More