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Justin & Amanda – London City Engagement Shoot

I can’t take much credit for this photoshoot in terms of art directing. Justin … Read More

THAOSKI: What i am and what i am not

Since setting up this blog I have been asked dozens of times if I'm a photographer. The simple answer is no I am not.

What I am is a photographic story teller and art director.

I collaborate with photographers to create unique photo shoots for couples because I love telling love stories.

As a story teller I also write about my random thoughts and as an art director I also get asked to shoot some random things (ie. not couples).

This is something I do to explore my creativity, so the more random this journey becomes the better! To find out how I got started, read my first blog.

Michael & Natalie … Redefining Love

Love is definitely not linear. It moves in and out of our lives and some how manages to find us when we least expect it. And… Read More

Sneak Peek … Engagement shoot in Romantic Bath

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come on the blog later this week. It’s gorgeous Natalie in beautiful roman… Read More

Where has thaoski been?

Ok I know it’s a lame title for blog post : ) But since Facebook has allowed people to send messages to fan pages &#8… Read More

Engagement Shoot Inspiration: Tiffany & Co Ads

I have a confession to make. It’s a geeky one too! I’m one of those lame people who like to get to the cinemas ex… Read More

1920s Engagement shoot ideas: The Artist

I’m going to jump on “The Artist” band wagon. I watched it on the weekend and absolutely love every minut… Read More

Happy Valentines Day to all my Gorgeous Couples

Happy Valentines Day! It actually took me ages to do this blog! It’s definitely my fault because I started to indulge … Read More

a creative journey into the unknown

I said to my friend last week … “Thaoski has been pissing me off” … he responded with “You soun… Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger... Read More