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Justin & Amanda – London City Engagement Shoot

I can’t take much credit for this photoshoot in terms of art directing. Justin … Read More

THAOSKI: What i am and what i am not

Since setting up this blog I have been asked dozens of times if I'm a photographer. The simple answer is no I am not.

What I am is a photographic story teller and art director.

I collaborate with photographers to create unique photo shoots for couples because I love telling love stories.

As a story teller I also write about my random thoughts and as an art director I also get asked to shoot some random things (ie. not couples).

This is something I do to explore my creativity, so the more random this journey becomes the better! To find out how I got started, read my first blog.

8 things to do to prepare for Chinese (Lunar) New Year

UPDATE: In 2014, Chines New Year is on the 1st February. It’s the year of the wild horse : ) First of all I have 2 disc… Read More

Awakening my body, Awakening my soul

I feel sad tonight. I found out Gabrielle Roth passed away. It’s a bit weird when I think about it. She’s the… Read More

“if my future has you in it, I’m not afraid of the rest”

I’m lying in bed and not feeling so well. I’ve been feeling a bit sick for the past 4 days : ( The weather in Lon… Read More

Commission your own wedding song …

I recently saw Christelle’s wedding video (from The Chriselle Factor) on Green Wedding Shoes and I really fell in love … Read More

tom & shelley – young. deep. romantic. love.

This shoot was done 12 months and 24 days ago. The date was 29.08.11. Tom & Shelley were not yet engaged (even though th… Read More

there’s not much to update you on

So tonight I suddenly felt like writing. It’s been while. I’ve been a bit of an online hermit (in terms of thao… Read More

Protected: David Deida, Eli Buren, Dear Lover …

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: … Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger... Read More