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Justin & Amanda – London City Engagement Shoot

I can’t take much credit for this photoshoot in terms of art directing. Justin … Read More

THAOSKI: What i am and what i am not

Since setting up this blog I have been asked dozens of times if I'm a photographer. The simple answer is no I am not.

What I am is a photographic story teller and art director.

I collaborate with photographers to create unique photo shoots for couples because I love telling love stories.

As a story teller I also write about my random thoughts and as an art director I also get asked to shoot some random things (ie. not couples).

This is something I do to explore my creativity, so the more random this journey becomes the better! To find out how I got started, read my first blog.

The anxiety of time – 15 ways I navigated my way through

Time is a funny thing. The past is distorted. The future unknown. Yet my natural habit is to compare myself to past versions… Read More

RUSH: When a movie inspires you to revaluate your life …

To this date, 31.12.13, I have lived my life with too many regrets. It saddens me to admit it. I wish I was more courageous,… Read More

Personality test: Lion – Beaver – Otter – Golden Retriever

I was sitting at a post-event dinner. It’s early days in the programme, the group is still forming and despite the smal… Read More

When was the last time you hula hooped?

I said to someone on the weekend “I feel younger now than what I did when I was 18”. Age has a weird effect on p… Read More

For the love of Coffee … 25 of London’s best!

It actually took me forever to compile this list (I’m not so good with html tables!). But I promised I’d do it. … Read More

Expect Miracles

I’ve always believed in miracles but I haven’t really been keeping my eyes open for them. I’ve been on a b… Read More

the power of seven

Yesterday was Chinese New Year and it’s a Vietnamese tradition to treat the lunar new year as a birthday. What that mea… Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger... Read More