E-shoot tips: Why couples argue 48hrs prior to shooting

Ok so I’ve been ‘umming and err-ing” about this post. Not sure if it’s the smartest thing to do and I may seriously regret it later! But knowing that it’s uncomfortable for me to share it … pretty much means … I should. OK … so. Really not sure how to say this. – without shooting myself in the foot. Laying it all out in the... Read More

Photography vs. Art Direction … and Large props should be about you

I struggled with this post today. My idea for this week’s Friday Fusions (engagement shoot ideas) was to list some large prop ideas. With the sun coming out, the weather getting warmer, and daylight saving coming up … I’m getting more engagement shoot requests and large props appears to be the way to go. So I started compiling a list of engagement pictures and... Read More

Quality of Collaboration determines Quantity of Opportunities

So um … I’ve been reflecting on this a lot over the last 2 weeks. I’ve just been reflecting on how lucky I am to be working with so many great people and I’m really thankful for the opportunities that have been coming my way. To this day I don’t actually think of myself as a creative person (I don’t think I ever will) but one thing I do think... Read More

Engagement shoot tips and ideas to save money :)

This little blog was inspired by Alexis from OMG I’m Getting Married. She was tweeting for engagement shoot tips and I thought it would be a great idea to write a little blog about it. Engagement shoots are like weddings…they have two main things in common: a) it’s about making the bride look and feel good … and b) it’s about saving money where ever... Read More