Why engagement photography popular amongst Asians?

I get asked this question ALOT! And I guess it’s not surprising. A lot of my couples are Asian (aka Orientals if you’re from the UK) and they seem to be the ones most open to it. They appreciate engagement photography and are also willing to budget for it. Why you ask? … I think it comes down to 2 things … 1. We were brought up to appreciate and value photography I... Read More

FOREVER FEATHER LOVE – Workshop Reflections

It must have seemed strange for some people. I attended the Feather Love Photography Artist Workshop and I’m not a photographer. The workshop was targeted towards wedding photographers and I wasn’t sure whether or not to go. Was it the right workshop for me? Would I get anything out of it? Truth is, as soon as I saw Noa’s video below I knew had to meet and connect... Read More

Art Directing Tip: “Uncover the past to find out the present”

I met up with a friend on Friday who told me I don’t blog enough. I told him I don’t physically have time to do more than what I’m doing. So anyway, he’s convinced me to blog more frequently and make my blogs shorter (except for my Thursday featured posts). He’s also given me a challenge to blog daily. The challenge is suppose to help me get into the... Read More

for the love of lavender

I’ve been meaning to write this post for months. Literally. And I told myself I’m not allowed to sleep until this is up tonight. It’s now 00:41. Bugger. Oh well, I just know if I don’t post this up this week, there’s no point. Lavender is now in full bloom. The season is well on the way! It was scheduled to bloom between early-mid June and then the... Read More