Commission your own wedding song …

I recently saw Christelle’s wedding video (from The Chriselle Factor) on Green Wedding Shoes and I really fell in love with the song they used to edit the wedding video. You should watch it and listen to the song words … When I say I fell in love, I mean … I literally listened to the song for about a full hour on repeat. I find the lyrics so so so beautiful. So,... Read More

think outside the box for inspiration

As an art director who is in love with stories I’m often looking for new forms of inspiration. I try not to look at other peoples engagement shoots because I think it’s too easy (even for myself) to copy. Yes there is no such thing as an original idea but it helps to look outside your industry for inspiration. One of the things I love to use for inspiration is advertising.... Read More

Misguided location advice on engagement photography

Ok time for me to have a bit of whinge! (just give me 5mins to rant! hehe) Today I’m going to talk about one of my pet hates! It’s a big one. And I know some people out there will disagree with me. Why this pet hate has come up … Let me first give you some background. I was brainstorming some location ideas with one of my engaged couples. She then asked her friend... Read More

What shoes should you wear for your engagement shoot?

Art Director Tip: What shoes should you wear for your engagement shoot? For men Surprisingly I get asked this question more by men. I have no idea why. It’s quite funny cos for men, there are really only a few different shoe options: Brown, black and something casual. And when they ask me, I just ask them what they would normally wear and the answer is usually pretty obvious. For... Read More