Where has thaoski been?

Ok I know it’s a lame title for blog post : ) But since Facebook has allowed people to send messages to fan pages …. a few of you have been sending me direct messages on Facebook asking me how I am and where have I gone … which is really sweet : ) thank you for the messages … you’ve really helped me get back to writing : ) The short answer is I... Read More

a creative journey into the unknown

I said to my friend last week … “Thaoski has been pissing me off” … he responded with “You sound like you are pissing yourself off” … which is truthfully how I feel. No I don’t like referring to myself in the third person. To me … “Thaoski” reflects my creative journey. My creative spirit. It has a mind and life... Read More

I’m finally ready to start 2012, Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year! My flight got in 4 hours ago. I’ve been home for 90 minutes. Unpacked. Laundry. Hot (steaming) shower. And now I’m blogging. Life is a bit strange like that. Somedays I have nothing to say and other days, like today … I feel there is a lot I want to get off my mind. My trip to Oz wasn’t what I expected it to be. I thought I would... Read More

Reflecting on 2011

Tonight I feel sentimental. I’m in Sydney. It’s officially the 31st December 2011. The last day of a very significant year for me. So much has changed. Though nothing too significant around me has changed. It’s hard to explain. I think the change has been internal. My perception about a lot of things has changed … my desires, my thoughts, my feelings …... Read More