8 things to do to prepare for Chinese (Lunar) New Year

UPDATE: In 2014, Chines New Year is on the 1st February. It’s the year of the wild horse : ) First of all I have 2 disclaimers when it comes to this blog post. 1. I’m actually not Chinese and … 2. I’ve been accused of ‘being asian’ whenever I want to be – which basically means, I say I’m asian whenever it’s convenient for me... Read More

Awakening my body, Awakening my soul

I feel sad tonight. I found out Gabrielle Roth passed away. It’s a bit weird when I think about it. She’s the creator of 5Rhythms and to be honest, up until about 6 months ago I hated it. My old flatmate Kristie use to go to 5Rhythms full moon dancing in London each month and her Facebook updates about it sounded a bit woo-woo but still … they intrigued me... Read More

“if my future has you in it, I’m not afraid of the rest”

I’m lying in bed and not feeling so well. I’ve been feeling a bit sick for the past 4 days : ( The weather in London is changing so rapidly and my body is finding it hard to adjust. It hurts. Yep I’m definitely in sookylala mode!. But while I lie here feeling sorry for myself and searching Facebook (totally guilty), I came across the most wonderful news. My friend... Read More

there’s not much to update you on

So tonight I suddenly felt like writing. It’s been while. I’ve been a bit of an online hermit (in terms of thaoski). My creative journey is going through a cocooning phase. At first I was resisting it … then I was trying to go with it … and now I’m starting to enjoy it : ) It’s funny how that happens. You suddenly start to like the things... Read More