When you search for love and instead you find paradise

That's what happened on my last weekend in Bali. I was in Sujadi (north Bali) and had everything planned for me to film a love story of a beautiful Balinese couple for A Love Collection. But nothing turned out as planned. Torrential tropical rain lasted hours. Then the wife got held up in Ubud which was 3 hours away. Simply wasn't meant to be. Although my ego was disappointed... Read More

2014 – the year of the wild horse isn’t yet over for me

2014 was an intense year. So many people I know on Facebook have been giving 2014 one word to describe and sum it up. But for me, one word really isn’t enough. I’m not trying to be greedy. I’m actually still processing it. I am perhaps the only one who feels 2014 isn’t yet over. Maybe because for me, 2014 in Chinese Astrology was the year of wild horse and... Read More

The person that pays you is not your client

I had this weird epiphany this morning. Through my cloudy sick haze (yep I’ve been sick) I was lying on the couch and this thought came to me … “the person that pays you is not your client”. And I thought to myself, what does this mean? Does it make any sense? And if it does, would this insight be applicable to everyone? So that’s where I’m... Read More

I’m a Gatekeeper – translating ideas into reality for others

This morning I woke up with an incredibly clear idea of what I wanted to write about (personality profiling). And then when I sat down, everything I wrote felt superficial. So here I am, drinking Japanese green tea on a Sunday and looking for creative inspiration. The question I’m asking myself is, what can I share that is authentic and real, AND also valuable to those who... Read More