The person that pays you is not your client


I had this weird epiphany this morning. Through my cloudy sick haze (yep I’ve been sick) I was lying on the couch and this thought came to me … “the person that pays you is not your client”. And I thought to myself, what does this mean? Does it make any sense? And if it does, would this insight be applicable to everyone? So that’s where I’m... Read More

I’m a Gatekeeper – translating ideas into reality for others


This morning I woke up with an incredibly clear idea of what I wanted to write about (personality profiling). And then when I sat down, everything I wrote felt superficial. So here I am, drinking Japanese green tea on a Sunday and looking for creative inspiration. The question I’m asking myself is, what can I share that is authentic and real, AND also valuable to those who... Read More

RUSH: When a movie inspires you to revaluate your life …


To this date, 31.12.13, I have lived my life with too many regrets. It saddens me to admit it. I wish I was more courageous, I wish I was more of a risk taker, I wish I had the balls to just do whatever I wanted. I just finished watching the movie Rush on the plane while flying over Alice Springs, Australia at 924km/h at local time 20:43 on 31.12.13. For those that don’t... Read More

Personality test: Lion – Beaver – Otter – Golden Retriever

personality_test_Lion Beaver_Otter_ Golden_Retriever-3

I was sitting at a post-event dinner. It’s early days in the programme, the group is still forming and despite the small group of 12, not everyone knows each other yet. I end up sitting next to Mr D. He’s older, smart, grounded – a nice family man with a strong entrepreneurial and business streak. Nothing unusual really. Until he brings up the a personality test.... Read More