Sneak Peek … Judith & Steve

I finished this shoot at 8pm last night and got home close to 10pm. It’s been a long weekend but I really wanted to post a very quick sneak peak for you. I don’t usually edit and post pictures this quickly but I know how much this shoot means to Judith and Steve. Judith and Steve won the Thaoski & Darren engagement shoot competition back in July and I’ll... Read More

Sneak Peek … the beauty of faith

Faith. It can make you or break you. Bring you closer or divide you. Make you stronger or make you dependant. Enlighten your soul or keep you juvenile. It means something different to everyone. But one thing is for sure, it’s something you will question at some point in your life. This week’s story and today’s sneak peak is a little different. It’s about... Read More

Sneak Peek … Mike & Alma strike back again :)

***Click on the photo above to see how high Alma’s hair is flying!*** Yes they’re back on the blog this week! If you’ve been following my blog for some time you will have probably worked out that I have very long shooting days with all my couples. This means I ALWAYS request to do at least 2 ‘looks’. I like to do something themed and creative. And... Read More

Sneak Peek … Sweethearts Tom & Shelley

I have something very simple and sweet coming up on the blog this week. No props. Nothing crazy. Just sweet young love : ) All we did for this shoot was put a pretty flower wreath on Shelley’s hair. She loves wearing bows and hair pieces and we thought a ring of flowers would make her feel extra special – like a princess : ) Not every girl can pull off such a pretty... Read More