“Life Just Is” Poster Competition – Vote now for your favourite!

Ok word of warning … I’m on a bit of a blogging frenzy this week. I’ve been so busy with work (TE) and with organising shoots I have a back log of blogs. So I’m going to try and catch up as much as I can this week because have a ridiculously busy (but exciting) two weeks ahead of me. Can’t wait show you all what I’ve been up to : ) But today... Read More

boys and their Xbox!!!

Think just about every girl has dated a guy who is addicted to the Xbox or PS3. I remember going through highschool thinking it would be smart move to not get between my boyfriend and his car. At some point, cars got boring and games got better and guys became younger. I’m really not sure how that works! I definitely feel for all the girlfriends / wives out there who are... Read More

Tin Hearts

What I love most about London is the random way you meet people and the random way you’re connected to everyone. Despite being a city with a gajjillion people, in some round about way, everyone is only a few steps removed. The random way people meet in London When I was in Thailand, David called me and said he had another band to shoot and asked me to come along. Then I get... Read More

Sometimes … ‘Life Just Is’

I really don’t know where this road will take me. I don’t see how I can make money from this little hobby of mine. I don’t see a career change coming up any time soon. And I definitely don’t see myself as an aspiring wedding photographer or someone aspiring to break into the wedding industry. Most people are shocked when I say this because I love to shoot... Read More