tom & shelley – young. deep. romantic. love.

This shoot was done 12 months and 24 days ago. The date was 29.08.11. Tom & Shelley were not yet engaged (even though their hearts definitely were). We shot at three locations in one day and you can see the other two shoots by clicking here and here. At the time Shelley was still living in Australia and Tom was living in London. By February 2012 she moved to London. By March... Read More

Michael & Natalie … Redefining Love

Love is definitely not linear. It moves in and out of our lives and some how manages to find us when we least expect it. And when it comes, if the time is right … it’s effortless and easy. So … that’s what I’ve been told : ) … and that’s what I’ve observed with Michael and Natalie : ) they make love look so easy … like it’s... Read More

Christine & Philip … Getting out of the “friend vault”

The Beauty of Winter The thing I love about winter and evening engagement shoots is that you are pretty much guaranteed that no one else’s photos will look similar to yours. Winter has a mysterious deep quality. Rather than going wide and spacious, it has an element of of focus and reflecting inwards. It can be totally magical! Winter also calls for a totally different... Read More

Debbie & Will … Countryside Love

I think these two are gorgeous together.They just radiate. And they just can’t sit still. Always playing, moving, laughing and having fun! I guess in many ways they are the ideal couple to shoot. Good looking, up for anything and totally easy going : ) Debbie’s Engagement Shoot Idea If you have been following my blog you will know I took a different approach to Debbie... Read More