The person that pays you is not your client

I had this weird epiphany this morning. Through my cloudy sick haze (yep I’ve been sick) I was lying on the couch and this thought came to me … “the person that pays you is not your client”. And I thought to myself, what does this mean? Does it make any sense? And if it does, would this insight be applicable to everyone? So that’s where I’m... Read More

I’m a Gatekeeper – translating ideas into reality for others

This morning I woke up with an incredibly clear idea of what I wanted to write about (personality profiling). And then when I sat down, everything I wrote felt superficial. So here I am, drinking Japanese green tea on a Sunday and looking for creative inspiration. The question I’m asking myself is, what can I share that is authentic and real, AND also valuable to those who... Read More

Why I don’t like Bikram but will continue doing it

There are very few posts on my Facebook wall that divide people, but my post on Bikram after attending my first class was definitely one of them. This is what I wrote: “After 2 years of putting it off, I tried Bikram today. I feel exhausted and slightly traumatised. It wasn’t relaxing and the constant talking got to me. Will give it another go but I’m wondering,... Read More

The anxiety of time – 15 ways I navigated my way through

Time is a funny thing. The past is distorted. The future unknown. Yet my natural habit is to compare myself to past versions of myself and future versions I hope to be. And all that creates is an overwhelming sense of anxiety. Anxiety is also a funny thing. It’s creeps on me slowly just like time. The dictionary defines anxiety as: “a feeling of worry, nervousness,... Read More