Engagment Shoot Ideas: Use CHANEL Perfume Ads for Inspiration

Oooo I’ve been SO excited about sharing this engagement shoot idea cos it has been in my head for a while. As you know I love stories and I love film. And of course I love romantic films. What you don’t know is I also LOVE perfume ads (I’m actually a lover of good ads in general). But Perfume ads are gorgeous. They’re romantic, fun, sweet, beautiful and... Read More

Friday Fusions … reflecting and refracting on Saul Leiter & Mildred Pierce for vintage engagement shoot inspiration

Sometimes my engagement shoot ideas are very practical like the spring engagement shoot ideas and ways to save you money on your shoot etc-. But personally, sometimes my inspiration is abstract so it makes sense for me to provide abstract engagement shoot ideas and inspiration. Today I’m drawing on inspiration from Saul Leiter. If you’ve studied photography you might... Read More

Friday Fusions: Engagement shoot ideas … Dancing at Sunset

So this week has been terrible. I’ve been sick (and sleeping) for most of it and haven’t really kept up with my blogs. Going to write a quick and short blog tonight. A little engagement shoot idea that’s been formulating in my head. Not an original idea but one I think is hard to execute because of the nature of it. My Love for Dance I’d love to shoot... Read More

Spring Engagement Shoot Ideas

Spring Engagement Shoot Ideas Spring is a magical time for an engagement shoot. Flowers start to bloom and you can capture some of the most spectacularly breathtaking colours. Especially with London being naturally such a cold, dark, cloudy city, the boost of colour from spring can bring your engagement photos to life. The only problem you have with spring flowers is they only... Read More