thaoski is acknowledged as the leading art director and photographic storyteller for engagement shoots. She only works with couples who are recently engaged who would love memorable, creative and enchanting engagement photography.

I believe that the engagement phase of the relationship is one of the most beautiful, most challenging and most under-captured phases of a relationship. It’s the ‘in-between’ phase between the proposal of marriage and “happily ever after”. It can also be one of most difficult phases of a relationship as each of you are pushed to the limits when organising a wedding.

I don’t know why but this complex stage intrigues me as an artist. It’s a time when lots of emotions and feelings come up and I want to capture it in all it’s beauty and rawness. So when you make it through this phase, you can look back and have something beautiful to remember it by. It’s a shame most people are too busy planning they forget to appreciate how extraordinary this time is.

I believe a stylised photo shoot is one of the most magical ways to capture, celebrate and remember this special period of your life. Once you’re married the moment is gone forever.

“I want to capture a side of your relationship you have not yet seen and I want to leave you feeling mesmerised about your own love for one another.”

What I’m good at is interpreting and translating the essence of a relationship into photographic stories. I collaborate with photographers to create stylised, interesting, and unique photo shoots that tell a story about the couple. Quite simply, the photos are designed to take your breath away. I want to make them so beautiful and so enchanting you’re going to want to share them with everyone you know.

Bringing your family and friends closer
We live in a world, where many of your loved ones are spread out in different countries and cultures. The only link that connects us day to day is our photos and stories that we share. My goal is to capture your story, stylise a shoot to suit your personalities and to create a photo portfolio that you can share with family and friends that will leave them feeling enchanted and connected to you during this magical time of your life.

What makes my engagement shoots so special?
I’ve worked with several couples who have told me their engagement shoots have been the most fun, enjoyable and inspiring part of the wedding planning process. Why? Because their engagement shoot was JUST about them as a couple. No one else. They were able to express, capture and share an aspect of their relationship that others would not normally see.

Most weddings start off about the couple but end being about everyone else. Weddings are structured and often restricted by religion, tradition and cultures (I guess that’s what makes them beautiful). What I love about engagement photos is that the possibilities are endless. You can be and do anything you want. It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else and there are no rules or boundaries. It’s just about you and your partner.

“At the end of the day my intention is to leave you feeling more in love and more inspired than ever before. I want you feeling speechless and breathless … in awe of the beauty that was captured. I may create the set, the scene and the story. And the photographer may capture the moment … but ultimately it’s about you, your story and what makes you unique as a couple.”

About thaoski | art directing engagement shoots from thaoski on Vimeo.


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  1. Nicola Masters says:

    Love this Thao!

    It’s very YOU and thank you for your inspiring stepping into the unknown action!

    SMiles and rainbows

  2. Nick Haines says:

    You are so right about being that point of transition, capturing that ray of sunshine. Nx

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  3. Liz Marley says:

    Hey Thao

    Well done on declaring your stand / micro-niche.

    Recommend check out Parris Whittingham : New York. He is an engagement photographer for engaged couples working in NYC. Possible photography ‘soul mate’. Also highly recommend Shutter Sisters.

    We were published together in the ebook : The Audacity of Humanity. See all via Facebook page.

    Again well done.

    Liz Marley

  4. Gail MacIndoe says:

    Good luck Thao with your micro niche, you seem passionate about it which is always a great indicator that you are tapping into a core strength and talent. I like the way you describe what you do. Gail x

  5. Your work is exquisite. I wish you all the success in the world!

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