When you search for love and instead you find paradise

That's what happened on my last weekend in Bali.

I was in Sujadi (north Bali) and had everything planned for me to film a love story of a beautiful Balinese couple for A Love Collection. But nothing turned out as planned. Torrential tropical rain lasted hours. Then the wife got held up in Ubud which was 3 hours away. Simply wasn't meant to be. Although my ego was disappointed (I couldn't film a love story) my heart certainly wasn't.

Life had other plans. Instead of filming, life sent me an adventure in paradise. I spent two days - walking amongst steep rice patties as far as the eye could see. Totally untouched by tourism and not one ex-pat villa in site. My mind, heart, soul and body was totally in awe of the beauty infront of me.

That weekend I spent over of 8 hours walking through rice patties and swimming under waterfalls. It was active meditation. Each step and moment required presence (rice patties were steep and slippery and the walk to the waterfall was err - raw and unexpected!). I took off my flip flops and walked bare foot. It was profoundly grounding and deeply magical. I was on cloud 9 for days. I kept thinking to myself - "this is paradise".

Untouched Bali has moved me in a way that I cannot explain. My heart yearns to come back and play. Active mediation is an exquisite way to live and it's almost impossible 'not to be there' when there the surroundings are so beautiful.
Sometimes you've just got to trust, life will give you what you need rather than what you want - and really, they are one and the same.

Love, thaoski.

Photo by: Dundubhi Dikel who was with me on Day 2 of this profound journey.


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11 Responses to “When you search for love and instead you find paradise”
  1. Fi Ivin says:

    Love this. Beautifully told and I felt toe wonder of it all and walked with you a little through the rice terraces!

  2. gembul says:

    trimakasih banyak untuk informasinya kak

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