When was the last time you hula hooped?

I said to someone on the weekend “I feel younger now than what I did when I was 18”.

Age has a weird effect on people. And people react strangely when they hear an age that’s unexpected.

I caught up with quite a few people last week and when they asked me what I was doing on the weekended, I said “I’m helping my friend set up her 60th Birthday party”. I didn’t think anything weird of it. But EVERYONE was prompted to ask me … “How old are you?” … and then they would look at me strangely when I said I am 34. And my response was always “I don’t choose my friends based on their age”.

Fi may have turned 60 but she’s one of the funnest and youngest souls I know. Who else at the age of 60 has a circus themed birthday party where she gets all her friends to learn how to hula hoop, plate spin, juggle and unicycle! (ok most people were too scared to unicycle). Oh and there was fire eating too if you wanted to give that a try!

Not only is she young at heart, she’s generous at heart too! She’s constantly thinking of “English” places to take me. Stratford Upon Avon, Chatsworth House … she’s forever looking for ways to experience life and educate me. Even if that means showing me how A&E works because she’s fallen over and hurt herself again (apparently that does come with age!).

When I was 18, I saw the world in black and white. Right and wrong. And it made me really serious. As I’ve grown older, I’ve realised that life is complicated and it’s all about perception rather than reality. There is no such thing as ‘the’ truth. There are only versions of truth based on our own awareness.

So why am I bringing this up?

My fondest memory of Fi’s birthday party was seeing an old man hula hooping. He was by far the best hula hooper at the party. Wiggling it, shaking it, moving it. I was like … damn he’s really good. I saw the joy in his face and the laughter in his eyes. I thought geez he looks like one happy dude.

And then I found out the next morning he has cancer and is going through chemotherapy – and my heart just dropped. I had such mixed feelings. I felt so sad for him but I also felt joy. At his age, going through what he was going through, he had no qualms picking up a hula hoop and just shaking it! Hula hooping when you are an adult is not necessary the sexiest and coolest thing to do … but my gosh does it make you feel like a kid again!

So the moral of the story? Whether your 18, 34 or 60, play play play … don’t be scared to risk looking like a fool. Buy hula hoop or walk around in the wind with some helium balloons. It’ll make you feel like a kid again – promise!

PS. Happy Birthday Fi. Thank you for being the wonderful woman you are. Oh, and thank you for putting me on helium balloons and paper pompom duties – it was so much fun! … the bunting however, ummmm … I gave that job up after 2 minutes! : ) Love you lots! X

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2 Responses to “When was the last time you hula hooped?”
  1. Miss Fi says:

    Whoever made a petite little soul like yourself carry ALL those balloons should be but on balloon clearing duty for the next year – so CRUEL!! 🙂
    Have to say your pom poms were exceptional -I am sure no-one has ever had such good quality pom poms as you made and I will be recommending you to ALL my friends for pom pom duties – if you’d like to dvelop that skill? But I think you may have other things you are developing just now??

  2. andreas says:

    wow sangat menakjubkan artikel yang anda buat ini

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