For the love of Coffee … 25 of London’s best!

It actually took me forever to compile this list (I’m not so good with html tables!). But I promised I’d do it.

I’m a coffee snob. I like independent coffee houses. I like my coffee warm (not hot). I like it creamy and made with love. It’s that simple.

But in London that’s not always easy to find. The best coffe places usually spread by word of mouth. Or someone takes you there and then suddenly you’re hooked! I need to thank my friend Garry. He’s introduced me to quite a few of the places below. He’s my coffee life-line – literally!.

So a couple of things to note with the list below:
1) I’m no coffee expert
2) I haven’t tried all the places below (I don’t go to East London enough)
3) I usually drink a latte, flat white or macchiato. Usually a latte because the coffee places below are strong
4) I only ever order a small. If you like coffee weak, get the large/ medium cos it usually means more milk
5) There are 3 ways I like to enjoy my coffee:
… (i) Grab and Go – when I need a quick fix!
… (ii) Coffee and Cake – quick catch up with friends or when I need some me time
… (iii) Brunch – when I need eggs with my coffee! Usually means I miss home!

I go to different places depending on my mood, who I’m meeting and how much time I have. It’s all based around what’s convenient and unfortunately I’m not in East London enough.

If you are serious about coffee, you can also check out:

One last thing…
I’m not going to go into what coffee place is ‘the best’. All I will say is the places below are worth trying, so if you are near of the cafes listed below – pop in and give it go!


Kaffeine | | Tube: Oxford Circus
66 Great Titchfield St, London W1W 7QJ

I go here a lot. It’s my pitstop when I’m shopping on Oxford St, though I usually start here first to fuel up. A good ‘grab and go’ / ‘coffee and cake’ place. The longest I stay here is 30 mins. Limited space but great coffee!

Notes Music Coffee | | Tube: Charing Cross, Leicester Sq
31 St Martin’s Lane Trafalgar Square WC2N 4ER

Currently my favourite place. I like the flavour of the coffee and the atmosphere. I’ve had lots of meetings here and it’s ok to linger and hang out. Best part is it turns into a wine bar in the evening! If I go here I like to enjoy it an stay for 30mins – 1.5 hr.

Workshop | | Tube: Bond St
75 Wigmore Street Marylebone W1U 1QD

My perfect grab and go place when I’m shopping near Selfridges. I stay here for 7mins – 20mins. Great coffee. Really limited space but the turn around is quick so if you wait 2 minutes you’ll get a bench spot.

Store St Espresso | | Tube: Goodge St
40 Store Street London, WC1E 7DB

Tried this for the first time last week. Great coffee, lots of space. I didn’t look at the menu cos I was so excited about finding a coffee place on ‘the other’ side of Oxford St. I’d definitely go here again!

Lantana | | Tube: Goodge St
13 Charlotte Place, Fitzrovia W1T 1S

Nice coffee but I personally think this place is overrated. There is always a queue and when I’ve purchased take away coffee it hasn’t always been great. But if you can get there early, it’s a good place for brunch.

Flat White / Milk Bar | | Soho Area
17 Berwick St, Soho W1F 0PT | 3 Bateman Street, Soho W1D 4AG

Flat White was my favourite coffee place about 6 years ago. It was the only good coffee place in central London for a long time. But now there is so much choice, to be honest I haven’t been here in about 2 years. Flat White & Milk Bar are owned by the same people.

Kopapa | | Tube: Covent Garden
32-34 Monmouth St, Seven Dials, Covent Garden WC2H 9H

Great eggs and coffee here. Everyone I’ve taken has loved it. Simple eggs made nicely! You must book on the weekends, they get really busy. If it’s just for two I would recommend sitting at the bar.

Tap Coffee | | Soho & Bloomsbury Area
25 Rathboone Pl W1T 1JD | 114 Totten Crt Rd W1T 5AH | 193 Wardour St, W1F 8ZF

I haven’t actually been here but I’m including it because there are three super central locations in London and I’ll definitely be trying it in the next couple of weeks. If you’ve tried it, let me know what you think?

The Espresso Room | | Tube: Russell Sq, Barbican
31- 35 Great Ormond St, London WC1N 3HZ
27 Clerkenwell Road Clerkenwell EC1M 5RN

I haven’t been to this one either but I’m including it because I’ve been caught out in the Russell Square area without knowing where to go. If you tried it or been to Clerkenwell, let me know what it’s like.

Ginger & White | | Soho, Hampstead, Belsize Park

I’ve only been to the Belsize Park cafe and I was pretty hung over at the time LOL. I remember the coffee was much needed and yummy. I can’t remember anything else – sorry!

Sacred Cafe | | 13 Ganton St, W1; Highbury Studios, 8 Hornsey St, N7; Kingly Court, W1; Westfield, W12; Stanfords 12-14 Long Acre, WC2; Torrington Place, WC1;

Their website is currently under construction. I’ve been to the Kingly Court cafe and that isn’t bad. Good thing is that they are all over London so no excuses for not getting a good coffee!


Monmouth | | Tube: London Bridge, Covent Garden
Borough Markets SE1 9AB | Covent Garden WC2H 9EU

Probably the most famous coffee house in London. For me it’s grab and go because it’s always too busy. Good coffee and worth queueing for. Get the small.

The Black Lab | | Clapham Common
18 Clapham CommonSouthside Clapham SW4 7AB

Good coffee if you’re in South London. Can’t say it’s my favourite blend of coffee but it’s still very good.

Bermondsey Street | | Tube: London Bridge
163 – 167 Bermondsey Street, London SE1 3UW

Again, convenient if you’re in the area. I wouldn’t travel here on the weekends though. I like Monmouth more which is closer to London Bridge. They serve all the coffee in paper cups – even if you’re eating in which I don’t like – yes I’m fussy!

Federation Coffee | | Tube: Brixton
Unit 77-78, Brixton Village Market, London SW9 8PS

I have only been to Brixton a couple of times (mainly for Pizza!) but next time there, I’ll definitely try this place. Hope it’s as good as it sounds!


Allpress Espresso | | Overground: Shoreditch
58 Redchurch Street, Shoreditch E2 7DP

Amazing soft boiled eggs and thin toasty soldiers. Oh and the coffee is good too and roasted on the premisses. Probably the best soft boiled eggs I’ve had in London!

NUDE | | Overground: Shoreditch High St and Soho
19 Soho Square W1D 3QN Tube: Tottenham Crt Rd | 26 Hanbury St E1 6QR

I’ve only been to Brick Lane branch on Hanbury St. It’s very busy on weekends. I had a machiatto and it was really good! I also recommend you check out the Soho joint.

Reilly Rocket | | Overground: Dalston Junction
507 Kingsland Road, Dalston E8 4AU

Really yummy coffee and eggs. I think I had the poached eggs with mushrooms and blue cheese on sour dough – YUM!

Taylor St Baristas | | Richmond, Liverpool St, Shoreditch, Canary Wharf, Brighton, Bank, Mayfair, South Quay
Clearly this is a popular choice! I’ve heard lots of good stuff about Liverpool St. I’ve only tried the Richmond one and the coffee was yum! Don’t get the lamington though – it was a bit of a disappointment.

East London is clearly where it’s all at if you love coffee – Here is a list of places I haven’t been to in East London, if you’ve been to any of them, let me know what it’s like … I need to put together a priority list!

Shoreditch Grind | | Tube: Old Street

This place looks funky. I do pass through Old Street more than the rest of east London – I’ll definitely give this place a try!

Prufrock | | Overground: Shoreditch High St
140 Shoreditch High St, London E1 6JE

I haven’t been here yet but including it because everyone online is talking about it. Many say it’s the BEST in London – give it a try and let me know what you think?

The Counter Cafe | | Hackney
7 Roach Road, London E3 2PA

This place looks very cute and funky. Have you been? Is it worth the treck? Let me know …

Caravan | | East London
11 – 13 Exmouth Market, London EC1R 4QD

Another one everyone keeps raving about. I’ll venture here when I’ve got a full morning free. It will definitely be a brunch place for me. It’s not close to any stations but apparently worth the travel – Garry, can you take me?!

dose espresso | | Tube: Barbican
70 Long Lane, London EC1A 9EJ

I’m not usually around the Barbican area. Have you been here? Is it as good as what they say it is? Is it worth the trip?

OZONE Coffee | | Tube: Old St
11 Leonard Street, London EC2A 4AQ

Recommended by Charlotte Knight the founder of G’Nosh (ie. a huge foodie that knows her stuff!), She says this place is THE best! Thanks Charlotte for the recommendation!

ps. I came across a blog on London coffee but I can’t seem to find it now. It had a black background with instagram photos – if you know the one I’m talking about, please contact me and let me know!

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3 Responses to “For the love of Coffee … 25 of London’s best!”
  1. Marianne says:

    Hi Thao
    Fab list, thank you!

    There’s a gorgeous one on Old Street called ‘Look Mum, No Hands’ which does fab coffees and fixes bikes too 😉

    And I have always loved Tinderbox.
    Can’t find their personal website, but here’s a link:

    Much love
    Marianne xxx

  2. Bill says:

    I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time, but did eventually get around to putting this together as a Foursquare list. I present…

    Coffee according to Thaoski:

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