“if my future has you in it, I’m not afraid of the rest”

I’m lying in bed and not feeling so well. I’ve been feeling a bit sick for the past 4 days : ( The weather in London is changing so rapidly and my body is finding it hard to adjust. It hurts. Yep I’m definitely in sookylala mode!.

But while I lie here feeling sorry for myself and searching Facebook (totally guilty), I came across the most wonderful news. My friend Melanie from Sydney just had a baby. Ok I know it’s year of the Dragon and just about everyone I know who is married is having babies, but for me this was really special news.

I met Melanie when I was in Bali attending a 10 day Rebirthing retreat back in 2001 (that’s a whole nother story) and on our last day we suddenly clicked. I remember going to the Lotus Cafe in Ubud. We had a good laugh, drank tea and spent quite a bit of time bargaining for shoes and scarfs at the markets.

Over the last 11 years we’ve spent a lot of time apart. She spent 2 years in London (without me) and I’ve spent 6 years here – without her. But even with all this time apart, we’ve always remained really close. I always try to catch up with her when I’m in Sydney and we even bumped into each other at the fish markets in January – and that was within 48 hours of me arriving in the country!. She’s also the one who’s guilty for getting me into coffee. She allured me with the smell on Sunday mornings when we lived together and eventually I was hooked!

We’ve had so many funny and fun moments together but what I really love about us is that we’ve always really been honest and open about what we want in life. We’re truthful about where we are at, whether that’s lost, confused, in pain, happy, sad, overworked or full of joy. We just talk openly.

And it’s because of this openness, that the birth of her first child, almost brought tears to my eyes. It’s because for the last 11 years I know it’s been her dream and deepest desire to meet a wonderful man, fall in love, marry him (she did this last year) and start a family.

It might sound like a “common” dream that many girls have but because she’s always been so open with me about her yearning as a wife and mother, after 11 years, I’m so happy for her! Knowing she is deeply fulfilled. Knowing that her dream has come true.

I was sending her a text and I was about to say “Dreams do come true to those that wait” … and then I erased the “wait” part. Because I don’t think it was ever about waiting. It was about believing. And knowing. I think she always knew : )

Congratulations Mel. I know I said it so many times but … I’m sooooo happy for you : ) XXXX

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