Commission your own wedding song …

I recently saw Christelle’s wedding video (from The Chriselle Factor) on Green Wedding Shoes and I really fell in love with the song they used to edit the wedding video.

You should watch it and listen to the song words …

When I say I fell in love, I mean … I literally listened to the song for about a full hour on repeat. I find the lyrics so so so beautiful.

So, being me … I naturally started to google the lyrics, the song, the writer. And eventually, I came across Juan Paolo and then found his YouTube Channel.

And what’s really exciting is that Christelle commissioned Juan Paolo to write that song and he’s now writing songs for couples around the world. You can commission him to write a song specifically for your relationship. As someone who loves love stories, I thought a song would be a perfect way to tell a love story.

You can watch Jean Paolo talk about his song writinghere and email him at sixstringheaven1[at]gmail[dot]com

ps. Here are the lyrics for Underneath the Light

There you are
Underneath the light
Shining brightly
Like an angel walking down the aisle

Pick a dress
And give it life
You’re such a beautiful creature
And I’m thankful you’re all mine

I will be there every time you call my name
Let’s build a castle, have lots of kids and play all day
I am yours

You let love in
When you smile
Tears come falling down our eyes
When you came out dressed in white

The flowers bloom
And the doves arrive
Am I dreaming?
I have a princess for a wife

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