tom & shelley – young. deep. romantic. love.

This shoot was done 12 months and 24 days ago. The date was 29.08.11. Tom & Shelley were not yet engaged (even though their hearts definitely were).

We shot at three locations in one day and you can see the other two shoots by clicking here and here.

At the time Shelley was still living in Australia and Tom was living in London. By February 2012 she moved to London. By March they were engaged. And today, they’re getting married.

Their love story is one is the kind of love people dream of – young. deep. romantic. love.

But when I think of them both. The word that most comes to mind is certainty. In each other and their love.

Congratulations Tom & Shelley. I cannot wait to see you later today. Love you both lots. X

Photographer: Darren Wong
Art Director: Thaoski
Make Up Artist & Hair: Tammi Nguyen
Assistant: Mr J
Location: Essex – Special thanks to Aunty Jane Malyon for suggesting and taking us to this location.

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