there’s not much to update you on

So tonight I suddenly felt like writing.

It’s been while. I’ve been a bit of an online hermit (in terms of thaoski). My creative journey is going through a cocooning phase. At first I was resisting it … then I was trying to go with it … and now I’m starting to enjoy it : )

It’s funny how that happens. You suddenly start to like the things you were initially resisting.

I’ve enjoyed slowing down. I’ve been a much happier bunny 🙂 Less stressed, less grumpy (hehe) and having lots more fun.

It’s much easier for me to work myself and burn the midnight oil.

But slowing down has allowed me to enjoy the simple things in life. I’ve started yoga which I initially hated but have slowly started to love. I’ve also jumped on the juicing bandwagon alternating between green and red juices each day. I’ve also had some lovely weekend trips away (I’ll blog about those trips separately). And I’ve developed a new addiction to licorice. Random I know!

But all in all, I’ve been having a lot of thao-thao time. Hanging out with friends, helping clients and just enjoying every moment.

So it seems there isn’t too much for me to update you on. Other than I am enjoying life : ) And I hope you are too : )

Here are some random photos I just selected from iPhone …

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