Michael & Natalie … Redefining Love

Love is definitely not linear.

It moves in and out of our lives and some how manages to find us when we least expect it. And when it comes, if the time is right … it’s effortless and easy.

So … that’s what I’ve been told : ) … and that’s what I’ve observed with Michael and Natalie : ) they make love look so easy … like it’s “common-sense” : )

But apparently it wasn’t always like this. They moved in similar circles but the timing was never right. They were with other people and although those relationships mattered, they were really hard work.

And then suddenly they met each other. And then their perception of love and what it’s like to be loved by someone changed. To me that’s the little miracle in this story.

… when the experience of love moves from hard work to easy.

I think the world needs more of these ‘re-defining the experience of love’ miracles. I was talking to a friend on the weekend and he said to me “soul mates are not meant to be together”. I told him that’s a really sad belief to hold. He responded with “I’ve done my research and that’s how it is” … I thought it was really sad.

I’m so grateful that my work puts me in contact with beautiful couples like Michael and Natalie who remind me (and hopefully lots of you readers out there) that love is possible for anyone and everyone. That soul mates do not have to be apart.

And that when you meet the right person … you’ll experience love in the form of kindness, consideration, affection, laughter, joy and happiness … for those are the qualities I have consistently observed during the time I’ve spent with Michael and Natalie. They have only been together for a couple of years … but their souls have known each other many lifetimes.

The inspiration behind the shoot
I wanted somewhere really romantic for this shoot. Michael and Natalie are real city folk but their love has a timelessness feel to it and that’s what I wanted to capture. The feeling of being in this beautiful long drawn out relationship that you just can’t get enough of.

Bath became the perfect location not only because of the weather but because it feels like an old European city and it emanates love. Just as their personal experience of love has been non-linear, so is the story in their photo shoot. It skips back and forth from a different time and place and represents a collection of moments.

I used perfume ads as my inspiration for this photo shoot and it wasn’t so much the outfits or locations used in these perfume ads … it was more the concept. The concept of a perfume ad is usually: mysterious gorgeous woman captivates a man with her presence. She enters his life for a moment and she’s unforgettable. He can’t get enough of her and that one moment lingers forever.

I obviously exaggerated this concept and made it a series of moments and memories that captivate him. I had a lot of fun playing around with this concept and Michael and Natalie were up for trying anything on this photo shoot (you guys were amazing!).

I hope you enjoy this love story as much as I did!

ps. As always I’ll upload some variations of these images on Facebook.

Photographer: Darren Wong
Art Director: Thaoski
Make Up & Hair: Katy Pheiffer
Location: Bath

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