Engagement Shoot Inspiration: Tiffany & Co Ads

I have a confession to make. It’s a geeky one too! I’m one of those lame people who like to get to the cinemas extra early (even when I have reserved seats!) … I like movie commercials and ads. There I said it : )

Usually (but not always) more money has been invested into movie advertisements and hence I find some of them really creative and interesting. When I went to the movies last weekend they showed the commercial below. I was so engaged and I got lost in the love story and didn’t realise it was a Tiffany & Co ad.

There are some moments, scenes and angles I thought were breathtaking. Obviously you wouldn’t create a “wedding day style” engagement shoot … but after watching the commercial … I couldn’t help but think I must bring a wind blower to one of my shoots : ) It adds such pretty movement … especially for girls with long hair … and that veil shot can definitely be used with other fabrics in some other creative way. Just a thought : )

And for those who love and want to have their engagement shoot in the city with iconic places (it’s quite a common request in London), I would suggest checking out the Tiffany & Co ad below. It’s iconically New York in an understated way – and it can easily be adapted to London : )

Oh and if you want a carousel, there is one in Hyde Park … and I really want that dress that she wears at the hot dog stand! Totally reminds me Sex & The City!

And if you have been following my blog for a while, you’ll know I love ‘behind the scenes’ videos. I love finding out about the creative process so here are some interesting Tiffany & Co videos about the design process. The videos are short and quick and totally worth watching!


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