1920s Engagement shoot ideas: The Artist

I’m going to jump on “The Artist” band wagon. I watched it on the weekend and absolutely love every minute of it. Not only is it beautiful, romantic, charming, artistic … the angles of the film were so simple … what you see is what you get.

If you’re looking for engagement shoot inspiration and you love the 1920s, consider doing something inspired by The Artist. Look at the hair, costume, consider black and white photography … and strip everything back and make it as simple as possible. Classic Hollywood style. And the best part, your engagement shoot won’t age if done in this way!

There are so many beautiful scenes from The Artist. I can’t pick a favourite moment or a favourite scene. Actually I lied : ) My favourite scene is the scene of them dancing … both in the beginning and then in the end. Fabulous in every way!

If you are going to use the movie for inspiration, I would look at the closeups shots of Pepper Miller, the shot of her in the car … and also pay close attention to her ‘movie posters’ … you could potentially do something inspired by the 1920s and your wedding invite could be a movie poster. That’s food for thought for you : )

Hope you like the Artist as much as I did!

ps. And of course … I can’t help but share a Behind the Scenes YouTube Clip : )

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