Happy Valentines Day to all my Gorgeous Couples

Happy Valentines Day!

It actually took me ages to do this blog! It’s definitely my fault because I started to indulge in all the photo shoots. I love how each couple is so different and as I’m going through the shoots, I’m thinking to myself … “oh yes I must catch up with them” … “wow I really miss their energy” … “I wish I could have gone to their wedding” … “I wonder how the pregnancy is going … “I’m glad they’re both back in London together” … “I wonder if she’s still overseas” … “I must get that recipe off her” … “I definitely want to reshoot them” … and the thoughts go on and on and on.

I think of my couples as friends I want to catch up with. Lovely people who have let me into their hearts. And yes I keep up to date with them on Facebook. I like to know what they’re up to. I have such wonderful memories of them and I hope when they look back at the photos they have fond memories too.

Going through the shoots made me feel sentimental. I love doing this. Thank you Valentines Day for reminding me. For a moment there I had almost forgotten how much I love it.

Happy Valentines Day everyone! … and to my couples, may your love always be invigorated by the images, moments, thoughts, pictures we captured on your special engagement shoot day.

Dan & Claire

Chi & Erin

Steve & Judith

Michael & Crystal

Kane & Star

Tom & Shelley

Jose & Paulina

Eoghan & Lauren

Sean & Emma

Andy & Justine

Philip & Christine

Ron & Gue

Mike & Alma

Thai & Mina

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  1. Wow, they’re all just beautiful Thao and make me so curious looking at all the photos, wondering what was on their mind and just how made up everybody must be with their beautiful story telling images. Thank you for what you do! Lauren x

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