sensuality and femininity mixed with a bit of softness and comfort

It’s the 1st Jan 2012.

I thought I’d kick start the year with something different. And before you ask, no I’m not branching out into maternity shoots. I am however always open to experimenting with different concepts and ideas. I never want to become complacent or bored so I’m always looking for opportunities to learn something new … to try something different … all with the intention of adding complexity and depth to the engagement stories I tell.

So it comes as no surprise when my good friend Katy asked me to be involved in her maternity shoot where we could “do whatever we want”, I jumped at the chance. But I’ll be honest and say I can’t take credit for the creative direction of this shoot. We shot inside a studio and David, the photographer had a very clear direction of where he wanted to go, what shots he wanted to take and the lighting he wanted for every shot – it was very impressive to watch him in action!

About Katy …
If you speak to Katy about her pregnancy she will tell you it’s been absolute bliss. Becoming pregnant has been a welcome surprise for her. She was always a positive person but the process of becoming a mother has made her more passionate about life.

It has been so fascinating for me to watch her transformation. Seeing her embrace motherhood so openly. She has always been so nurturing towards her family and friends but her maternal instincts have kicked in, in a way she could not have imagined. She’s transformed from being a young lady to a woman. She’s sensual and loves the shape of her ever changing body. And the best part … she is constantly overwhelmed with all the love and support she has received from everyone around her.

It’s like becoming pregnant has amplified and multiplied her love, affection and appreciation for everything and everyone around her. She’s absolutely glowing!

About the shoot …
When we discussed ideas about the maternity shoot, all three of us (David, Katy and myself) knew we wanted to do something different. As ironic as it sounds for a maternity shoot, we didn’t want the bump to be the focal point of every shot. Rather than focusing on the bump we wanted to focus on Katy and capture who she is as woman going through her first pregnancy.

It was an indulgent way for her to look, feel and express who she is as woman in this moment – it wasn’t so much about the baby … it was more about how the baby made her feel. It’s the first time her body is going through these changes, the first time she is feeling these emotions and we wanted to capture that essence.

I spent some time with Katy questioning her about her pregnancy. What she loves about it. Who she has become as a result of it. She actually cried and got all emotional. Not because I was asking her difficult questions but because the pregnancy has brought her so much joy and happiness. It is a joy that is beyond her wildest dreams. And it allows her to be a sensual, loving, nurturing woman in a way she has never expressed or felt before.

Here are a few more words Katy used to define her pregnancy:

“A new found love. Enlightenment. Bonding. Butterflies. Surreal. Sentimental. Overwhelming. Protective. Emotions. Self discovery. Sentiment. Natural, nature and nurture. Calming. Safe. Soothing. Fresh. Sensual. Tranquility. Comfortable. Endearment. Joys. Selflessness. Togetherness. Affirmation. Female and maternal instincts. Intuition. Unexpected blessing. Reflection. Childhood. Nostalgia.”

Throughout the shoot I acted as an anchor for her. Reminding her of the above emotions, thoughts and feelings. The flavour and styling of the shoot was sensuality and femininity mixed with a bit of softness and comfort.

Welcome to Katy’s world of joy, happiness and nurturing sensuality …

Photographer: David Lau
Assistants: Mr J & DMQ
Emotional anchor for Katy : ) … thaoski (sorry … don’t know what else to call it)

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