Debbie & Will … Countryside Love

I think these two are gorgeous together.They just radiate.

And they just can’t sit still. Always playing, moving, laughing and having fun! I guess in many ways they are the ideal couple to shoot. Good looking, up for anything and totally easy going : )

Debbie’s Engagement Shoot Idea
If you have been following my blog you will know I took a different approach to Debbie & Will’s shoot. You can read more about it here but we basically split the day into two and Will and Debbie had to come up with a photo shoot for each other (you can see Will’s photo shoot idea here).

Debbie combined two really important aspects of her relationship with Will when designing this shoot. They are both from the countryside so she really wanted to go to the countryside for her part of the shoot. It was really important to her because their similar upbringing instilled some very strong family values they both appreciate in each other.

The other aspect this shoot represented was their love for travel. They often jetset away on weekends and they love going for long drives and exploring new places together. And although Luton Hoo was only an hour from London … it represented this joyful playfulness of something new.

Debbie then took the shoot one step further and chose a really girly dress to wear. She’s not usually the frilly dress wearing type but she knows how much Will likes her in a dress so she chose something really feminine and girly (I thought that was really sweet!!). She also had to chose Will’s outfit and errr …. anyone that knows Will knows he likes his shopping … and he’s a bit fussy LOL! But he played along and I think he looks quite smart – good job Debbie : )

I quite like how Will and Debbie’s photo shoot ideas are so different from one another. They each convey a different message and each tell a different aspect of their relationship. It’s a lot to do in one day but it was totally worth it!

Photographer: Darren Wong
Art Director: Thaoski
Locaton: Luton Hoo

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