Debbie’s engagement shoot idea … Sneak Peek

I thought I would refrain from telling you too much in this week’s sneak peek. There is no need for you to know everything straight away 😉

I will say that Debbie’s engagement shoot idea is quite different to Wills. It’s simpler but the meaning and thought behind it is quite romantic.

But rather than giving her idea right away … I’m going to share an image with you that says very little about her idea, but it’s an image I find incredibly beautiful. To me it’s probably the most sensual image we have ever captured. Even though it gives a way very little it still draws you in.

I personally think the neck and collarbone is one of the most sensual parts of a woman’s body. You can tell a lot about what a woman is thinking and feeling by how much she reveals. And somehow this image manages to be sensual while still being sweet.

I don’t know how you did it Debbie but you look so beautiful!

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Photographer: Darren Wong
Art Director: Thaoski

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